Pink Horizontal Lined Slim Shirt



Pink Base with a light Grey Horizontal Stripe Pattern Shirt

Extra Slim Fit

Spread Collar

Button/Cufflink Compatible

Rounded Hem



Product Description


Our Pink Lined Slim Shirt is the perfect addition to add some variety to your wardrobe.  The horizontal lining featured on this shirt gives it that same quality as checkered shirts, in that it can be used to dress down a formal outfit, perhaps for a slightly informal client meeting; or to dress up a casual outfit, such as an impromptu coffee outing with a work colleague. This shirt would pair beautifully with any dark grey blazer.


As a result of being part of our Business Blend collection, it will serve you reliably day in and day out.

moisture wicking fabric 5ieme

Fabric & Care Info


We craft our business blend shirts with a mixture of high grade microfibres and natural cotton.  The material is worked rigorously in order to be able to meet our standards.


Once the process is complete, we are left with a fabric that is capable of wicking moisture along with anti-wrinkling and easy iron properties.  The result is a shirt that will keep you comfortable and looking fresh all day or night.


Dry cleaning is always suggested for formal wear; however, the shirts offered in this collection are all machine washable.  Cold cycles and hang drying is ideally recommended in order to sustain clothing longevity.

fit and measurement 5ieme

Fit & Measurements



We make all our Business Blend dress shirts slim fit.  Please note, this shirt is cut extra slim.


The shirts in this collection have a rounded hem and do not feature a front pocket.


We have added a discreet notch between the buttons of the sleeve to make these shirts cufflink compatible as well.


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Not from Québec? We got you! We offer FREE SHIPPING across Canada on all orders over $75.  You can take a look at our Shipping & Returns page for more info!


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