About 5ième Avenue

5ième Avenue was founded in Montreal, and we love our city.  We believe in keeping close to our roots and as such, have been making waves in the Montreal menswear community since 1975.

Its hard for us to pin down one specific attribute to describe who we are or how we operate. We can’t really be described in one or two simple words.

Simply put, we are what every man needs.

We know that shopping as a man can be difficult.  Often have to resort to big name stores, with small and overpriced men’s departments.  Or the opposite — poorly made products at discount prices.

We’re here to change that — one suit, shirt or tie at a time.

Whether you need styling tips, an original wardrobe or even your own personal suit guy, we got you.  Our menswear specialists will help style you from head to toe for any occasion.

We’re able to make these bold statements because we know the Montreal community.  Because Montreal is our home, we treat every visitor as a guest in our own house.

Customer experience and service is our number one priority at every level of our organization.  As such, we do everything we can to ensure a high level of quality and service to anyone who shops at one of our stores or online.

We love this city and its community and we will always provide you with honest pricing and quality prices because we are all one big family.

Feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries you may have.


The 5ième Avenue Team