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About 5ième

We’ve been around since 1975, keeping close to our roots and making waves in Montreal, QC, and we think its time to share our goods with the world.

Its hard for us to pin down one specific attribute to describe who we are, we can’t be described in one or two simple words.

We are what every man needs.  Whether you need styling tips, an original wardrobe or even your own person suit guy, we got it.  Our fashion experts will help style you for any occasion from A to Z.

We know that shopping as a man can be difficult, and that we often have to resort to big name stores, with small and overpriced men’s departments.

We’re here to change that — one suit at a time.

A price tag doesn’t define true exclusivity and originality.  You and your clothes do.

We’ve got all the style you need, at the price you want.